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Improving patient life while decreasing the healthcare costs

About us

Our History

We develop, manufacture and commercialise a miniaturized multiplex on-chips immunoassay device with fluorescent detection and a miniaturized imaging technology in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, the imaging Institute iCUBE Strasbourg and two Swiss University Hospitals.

These technologies help physicians to rapidly establish a precise medical diagnosis and prognosis using less than a drop of blood within half-an-hour at an affordable cost.

The analyses are performed in the medical department of hospitals by nurses or nurse assistants under the supervision of physicians.

Ultimately, the nurse or nurse-assistant will suggest the medical diagnosis by using the integrated software associated to our technologies in an attempt to still improve the productivity of the medical staff.

With our technologies, precision medicine is done close to the patient rather than in a medical laboratory.

Our goal is to significantly decrease the healthcare costs while accelerating the implementation of the appropriate therapeutic strategy thus improving the patient life.

We are working on the diagnosis of inflammation-related diseases in infant, the early diagnosis of cervical cancer and the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis related diseases.

Preciphos Diagnostic Technologie


Challenge & Value Proposition

Portable IVD devices to be used in precision medicine

Preciphos supports physicians in promoting precision medicine and for this purpose proposes portable multiplex analysis devices for in-vitro diagnostics in order to quantitate complex bio-molecules that aims (i) at optimizing the individual stratification of cardiovascular risk in primary prevention and (ii) at reducing the residual risk (1 in 5 patients) of patient death in secondary prevention


Developing portable IVD devices to be used in precision medicine and make In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) testing.


This device is capable to simultaneously determine at the moment, up to 8 biomolecules using 10-μL whole blood.


Develop and market a true multiplex, portable, user-friendly and cost-effective analytical device, based on a patented miniaturized immunological technology.


Enable the simultaneous determination of multiple autoimmune and inflammatory-related biomarkers associated with cardio-vascular diseases, meant to optimize individual CV risk stratification in primary prevention and patient CV residual risk management in secondary prevention.

Who we are


Who We Are

Preciphos wants to help doctors develop precision medicine with the aim of reducing care costs

Our Mission

The company focuses on the measurement of a proprietary panel of autoimmune and inflammatory biomarkers mediating pro-atherogenic processes related to the acute clinical manifestation of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ASCVD). This new medical approach will be key to improve the identification of specific patients’ subset at high CV risk that could benefit from anti-inflammatory and/or immunomodulatory treatments. It will further contribute to the development of precision medicine in ASCVD which is still the leading cause of death in developed and developing countries.

Our Vision

We wish to contribute to the development of precision medicine in ASCVD, which remains the leading cause of death in the world



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Bernard Ludwig

CChem. | M.R.S.C.

Pascal Pflimlin

Senior Scientist

Nathalie Satta Poschung

Chief Medical Development Officer – CMDO

Nicolas Ludwig

Chief Financial Officer

Gregory Werner

Chief Commercial Officer

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Preciphos develop and market a multiplex, portable, user-friendly and cost-effective analytical device, based on a patented miniaturized immunological technology.


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